The Monthly Show
The Monthly Show
Is is that time of the month? You bet it is.

Welcome to the F*** you America Fan Club. I'm the founder, Alexis d brown.

Keep on reading to find out how you can become a FYAteer.


Just a few months ago. I saw a video of a dope woman named F*** you America who was defending herself against a creep named Brian, a guy who was all in her business about her buying pop at a grocery store. Brian, would you like it if someone videotaped you?! Jerk. After I saw that video I thought, 'What is happening to our world these days? Aren't we supposed to be united and not apart? It even says United in our country's name. Y'know? United States.' I believe in equality and I hope you do too. I want to make a change in the world, and it starts here and now with the F*** you, America Fan Club. (Keep reading to find out how to join this club my momma is calling lit!) 

This club is about stanDing up against  racist, white creeps.


You should join the club today and become a F.Y.A.teer! We don’t take shit from white guys or their fake ass girlfriends. We buy LOADS of pop whenever we want  especially for BBQs and we kill the game in a figurative and literal sense. These are my FYA posters and I’m making some buttons and patches too! I’ve got

  1. I’m the President of the FYA Fan Club

  2. I’m buying pop bitch

  3. Get your fake ass girlfriend


When you become a FYAteers or a F*ck You America scout, you get:

  • Exclusive sleepover games like H'ow Not to Be a Racist Like Brian'

  • Tips for turning the tables on white people. For example, let’s say your white friend cuts the crust off they sandwich then you can say, 'so,  you cutting off the dark part of your sandwich? So you’re trying to disenfranchise the dark part of your sandwich, huh?'

  • Congratulating random people on buying whatever they want at the grocery store. 'Ham and cold pop? Congratulations!'

  • To not become a white lawyer because apparently becoming a white lawyer means harassing people in the parking lot of Costco.

  • Plus actually factual information about welfare because welfare is not a dirty word you know? There's nothing wrong with needing help especially when you work and live under a late capitalist regime. 


With just $10 you can become a member and support The Monthly Show. You can also receive some sweet PDFs from me, Alexis D. Brown, if you join The Monthly Show newsletter by June 20th. What are you waiting for?! Give your coins here!